3 reasons to go responsive

There has been a loud talk about responsive design among techies since 2012. In-fact, 2013 is considered the year of responsive design. Well, so what actually is responsive design?? The literal meaning gives the answer.

A responsive web design is one that automatically transforms the way it looks in all devices from large desktop monitors down to mini laptops, tablets and smart phones. Responsive web design works by giving an optimal viewing experience to visitors at all stages of their online experience
Have a look at our own ohowebsite.com website for example.

I have complied top 3 reasons for businesses to go for responsive design. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

1. Your Site Visitors Will Love It!

Your content looks better and it is easier to read. The page navigation collapses, elements shuffle, font sizes adjust and images resize automatically!!

No more pinching and zooming..

Users get access to all important site contents and your site turns into an adaptable sale engine.

2. Helps With Your Branding Efforts

Reaching out to potential customers with consistent message without ambiguity is the key to effective brand promotion. Google survey results reveal that 38% of our media interactions occur on a smart phone and 9% occur on Tablets. Shoppers often move between screens while shopping. 67% of the shoppers start shopping on one device and continue to another

3. Better Visibility In Search Engines

Google says it is better for SEO. You have a second thought about it?

Responsive design is better for SEO as your URL structure for both mobile and desktop users will be consistent. Best SEO strategy is to build one user-friendly website that uses relevant content with natural integration of the key words your potential customers will be looking for through devices of all sizes.


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